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In the early stages, Founder and CEOs are resonate about identifying the appropriate fintech talent solutions for their fintech startups. Accordingly, employees are involved in multiple functions but as the business expands, the roles and functions become more specialised and well defined from each other. 

Leaders within the business turn to other priorities and the focus diverts from the attention on talent acquisition. More importantly, at this stage, that implementing both talent management  solutions are crucial for the continued growth of the business.

Benefits of hiring talent management experts:

Apart from the hiring process, talent management experts can help improve talent retention; increase employee engagement through the implementation of strategies that will boost performance.

Most fintech talent experts have access to a broad talent network which improves your chances of success of finding the best people and can personally recommend candidates who are best suited for the roles.

Therefore, your time is saved by skipping to the interview stage and in the meantime committed and passionate talent specialists allow your team to focus on other key priorities

Benefits of implementing Diversity and Inclusion strategies:

Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion strategies within the growing fintech business is crucial.

In an article by Caroline Williams-University of Oxford, ‘Why inclusion and diversity are key to business growth’, Why inclusion and diversity are key to business growth | Saïd Business School ( ‘Diversity is at the heart of sustainability in all senses, from environment to business culture, from the internet of things to the landscape of AI. And it means nothing short of a revolution in how and why we do business – and by what metrics we measure success.’

‘Deloitte research has shown that innovation revenues accelerated by 83% for organisations practicing an authentically diverse culture, while the likelihood of bankruptcy is reduced by 20% if a woman is on the board. DI_Diversity-and-inclusion-revolution.pdf (

According to a Forbes Article by Bianca Miller Cole, ‘8 reasons why Diversity and Inclusion are essential for business success’ 8 Reasons Why Diversity And Inclusion Are Essential To Business Success ( which includes the following:

1) Greater Innovation and creativity. 2) Diversity provides a range of skills. 3) Business will be boosted. 4) Happier Employees. 5) Increased productivity. 6. Understand your employees. 7) More talent to choose from 8) Higher revenues are essential to business success.

Our services:

Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd  Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd ( provide fintech talent solutions to fintech startups and companies globally in the UK, Europe, the US and APAC region along with vendors, banks and Innovative finance companies transforming lending; personal finance, data analytics, payments, money transfer, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

We aim to fully understand the nature of the role; the preferred candidate, company growth plans, advising on diversity/inclusion strategies along with providing workforce planning solutions.

We also consult in Organisational design to improve your organisation efficiency and increase business performance and employee performance.

Marie Bosnjak-Director/Founder of Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd (


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