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Organisational Design:

Effective organisational design enhances collaboration, aligns networking with managers, boosts productivity, and fosters innovation.

Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd offers various organisational design strategies to support fintech companies and fintech startups.


Business Strategy Design:

Whether accelerated growth has led to your current model being outdated and now your business needs to re-align its strategy to stay competitive; or considering new leadership, poor performance and changes in the marketplace. 

 We can assess and review options to create a design that will drive business performance and employee satisfaction.

  1. In collaboration with your executive team, we will develop a clear overview of your target market. 
  2. Identifying economic drivers are also factors to consider when factoring company growth.
  3. We will compare your company’s performance using data that comes from a variety of sources about service performance, product and quality using focus groups, interviews, surveys, and information gained from customers.

Benchmark research benefits fintech startups  through change management from one form of operating to a more efficient one.  

Organisational Network Analysis:

 Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd implements Organisational Network Analysis for the following:

  • Change Advocates: We will support your company in identifying change-advocates for your fintech organisation, by recognising the managers who are able to accelerate business transformation.
  • Role and Function analysis: Conducting a role and functional analysis can provide an overview of the cost of activities as well as the actual work performed under each job title.   
  • Performance boost: Optimise performance by restructuring employees aligned with similar associations.
  • Undiscovered Talent: Improve employee engagement through training, inclusion, coaching and multiskilling.
  • Organisational Silos: We will support you in determining the gaps within silos across information sharing; collaboration, shared goals/vision and marginalised employees/poor culture by aligning the vision and mission of your fintech company with specific goals.
  • DE&I initiative: Compare the tendency for collaboration to occur between employees with similar origins or underrepresented groups.
Scenario Planning:

Through Scenario planning, we help CEOs. Co-Founders, Executives, and key decision-makers of fintech companies and financial institutions to visualise and develop strategies for multiple possible futures. This in turn, empowers fintech organisations to become agile, forward-thinking and adapting rapidly to new situations in a fast-changing environment.  

Talent Management and Development:

Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd design an effective talent management strategy that will involve communicating with the executive team, CEOs and stakeholders to gain an understanding of the organisation’s overall business strategy, understand their needs and objectives.

We can create an integrated talent management strategy which is aligned with your business aims along with applying talent data analytics to form decisions around effective strategies to help improve business performance, employee performance and  talent retention. This would include Benchmarking research to gain market insight on your competitors.


Do you want to increase your business and employee performance?

To learn more, please get in touch with Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd.


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