Global Fintech Talent Solutions partners with fintech companies, fintech startups, banks and vendors driven by the latest fintech technology

Fintech Talent

Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd specialises in placing Executive, Business and Technical professionals with fintech companies and financial institutions in the UK, Europe, US and APAC.


CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CMOs with disruptive fintech start-up looking building their teams, helps the business grow to generate revenues and retain a talented, an inclusive workplace.


Sales Compliance Experts, Business Development Manager, Marketing, Product Manager, Business Analysts and Project Managers roles for disruptive fintech startups, bank and vendors.


App Developers; AI, Machine Learning; DevSecOps; Blockchain Developers; Data Scientists and professionals with experience in Public Cloud Technologies such as SaaS

Fintech disruptive organisations are rewarding their processes, requiring employees who can visualize change to forge unconventional paths. Employees who can find fresh solutions to problems, break rules and be innovative. Along with providing soft skills; they need to possess emotional intelligence be delegative, collaborative, have good communication and problem solving skills.

Fintech Specialisation Areas

Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd is a recruitment fintech company providing  talent acquisition expertise to fintech companies, startups and financial services around the world.


  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • P2P digital exchange
  • Bitcoin based financial products


  • Open Banking
  • IoT
  • NeoBanks
  • RegTech


Artificial Intelligence

  • AI powered chatbots
  • Robo Advisors
  • Fraud Detection
  • Biometric Authentication

digi wallet


  • Digital wallets-Apple Pay, Google
  • Contactless card payments
  • Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
  • Embedded Finance

Looking for a new role:

Are you passionate about Finance Technology and the current disruption taking place?

Are you keen join a rapidly growing fintech company and bank which will transform your career?

Are you keen to work for an emerging Fintech startup, looking to revolutionise the finance industry and put your name to what will undoubtedly become a  successful enterprise? 

If you answered “Yes” to the above then please contact Global Fintech Talent Solutions on

Building your team

If you are looking to build your team and you have a requirement that you are looking to fill, please call or fill in the form attaching your job specification. 

About Global Fintech Talent Solutions

About Us

Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd specialise in gathering proficient teams and identifying exceptional individuals for specialised roles and intricate projects within financial services, fintech and the banking sector

Our focus lies in driving productivity, collaboration, and innovation for global fintech and banking clients. Through tailored strategies in Talent Management, Organisation Design, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we aim to elevate employee retention, fostering adaptable and high-performing enterprises.

Our Vision

To become the world’s leading consulting company to support fintech companies in their growth and success

Upholding Our Core Values

At the heart of our approach are our values: Commitment, Excellence, Honesty, and Integrity. We embody these principles in every facet of our work, ensuring that our strategies align with our commitment to excellence and ethical practices.

Transitioning from Series A to C Funding

Transitioning from Series A to B and C funding stages marks pivotal moments for fintech startups. We align with this journey by assisting in team building during Series B, emphasising the importance of the best talent in robust markets. At the critical Series C stage, we provide support in scaling and organisation redesign, ensuring optimal growth without role replication and aligning with evolving business objectives.

Our dedication extends to supporting ‘Women in Tech‘ initiatives by advocating for investments in STEM courses to boost the applicant pool.

Global Fintech Talent Solutions Ltd

Our Client Services

Our company specialises  in sourcing top-tier professionals for fintech startups, innovative fintech companies, financial institutions, banks, vendors, and technologydriven enterprises globally.

We offer customised recruitment and workforce solutions catering to fintech companies across the UK, Europe, the US, and APAC. Our expertise spans diverse sectors within fintech, including lending transformation, personal finance, data analytics, payments, cryptocurrency, and more.

As a growing business, we prioritise delivering exceptional talent whether it’s for business, technical, executive, permanent, or contract roles within your specified time frame. With access to a vast network of over 20,000 fintech professionals globally, we curate tailored solutions for startups, established fintech companies, or banks to meet your specific needs.

Contingent and Retained Fintech Recruitment Service

Depending upon the nature of complexity, seniority of the role, we can discuss a cost arrangement which is aligned with the needs and size of the business. For a an early stage fintech startup, we can provide flexible and affordable solutions which would contribute to business efficiency.

In an initial discussion, we can come to a mutual agreement around cost arrangement for present and future requirements.
We are focused on building long-term client relationships and thereby we seek to aim for guaranteed client satisfaction through providing quality talent.

Organisational Culture Analysis

Creating a supportive environment where employees feel valued is pivotal for fintech startups, banks, financial services and fintech companies. A healthy work culture fuels performance, innovation, and boosts employee retention, driving overall success. 

A robust culture integrates employee contributions with the company’s vision and mission. We collaborate with CEOs and executives to align organisational culture with business goals using effective measures and data analytics.

Through focus groups, KPI metrics, and surveys aligning values among leaders, managers, and employees, we analyze culture alignment and propose transformative plans that drive business success.

Investing in organisational planning and analysis enhances business performance and employee satisfaction. Our consultancy involves benchmarking, talent management, and leveraging data insights to foster harmonious collaboration and transparency within teams.

Workforce Planning and Organisational Design

Fintech Companies who invest in organisational planning and analysis benefit business performance and employee satisfaction.

We engage experts to consult on your Organisational design , business strategy design with benchmarking, scenario planningtalent management, and development. We can also utilise data insights from organisational network analysis to address disharmonious collaboration and convergent roles. Importantly, we can provide radical transparency and empower teams. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Global Fintech Talent Solutions provides consulting in developing a D&I strategy which will help your business to improve on employee retention, increase productivity, collaboration and innovation.

We also provide workshops on creating an inclusive workplace along with promoting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.


CTO of Global Investment Bank Europe
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We were impressed with the high calibre of talent provided for our various tech roles. Marie had a full understanding of our requirements, and we experienced a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.
Human Resources Manager, Global Consulting Company, Sydney, Australia
Read More
Marie was successful in placing several professionals across our Technical, Marketing, Sales roles within a short timeframe which was impressive and the same talent are still with us today
Founder of Lending fintech startup-Germany
Read More
Marie’s candidates stood out from other recruitment companies and we were continually happy with her services unfortunately Marie had to move back to Sydney due to father’s illness
Human Resources Manager-Global Markets, US
Read More
It was a pleasure working with Marie, she made the effort to understand our needs and worked hard to find us highly suitable candidates
CEO of Payments Fintech statup, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Marie found us some great talent for our technical and sales but unfortunately we had a recruitment freeze.
CEO of Payments Fintech Company, US
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Marie placed our CTO after 7 years, he is now one of our executive board members
Founder of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency fintech startup, Sydney Australia
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Marie consulted us on workforce solutions, employee retention and the market insights, she was always thinking long term in terms of foreseeable changes which was beneficial to our business. She placed a few of our executive staff who contributed to growth of the business.
Portfolio Director- Global Consulting Company Chicago, USA
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My business relationship with Marie goes back to 2017 when we were both working in Sydney Australia. 'Marie's professionalism and extensive Fintech recruitment experience, gives her the sought-after ability to identify and provide a talent pool of skilled FinTech professionals for clients that are specific to the FinTech sector

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